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Announcing the Winners!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 16, 2008, 10:18 PM


Wow! That's all we can say. In fact, have to say it again...WOW!

Thank you to all of artists, dreamers and visionaries who participated in our "Knock at OUR Door" contest! We're literally quite thrilled with the response and let me tell you, choosing the art was just a whopper of a challenge. The stories and trivia part was a cinch - simply because all we had to do was pick a name from a hat. But that art - it's taken us many rounds of discussion and debate!!

Before we post the winners, we feel its important to acknowledge everyone's contributions. It's more than heart-touching to read your stories, it is on some level life-affirming. So it is WE who are grateful to you. Many, many thanks for holding such a mirror up to our Duirwaigh soul. You make our work possible and without your appreciation and support, we'd simply have to give up the website, the films, all the thrilling creative endeavors. SO THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

and now, without further adieu...

The Winner of the ART CONTEST:

Bente Schlick, from Germany, with the entry "Hidden"


The entries were so exciting, though, and the decision so tough, that after we chose our first pick, we pooled every other artist's entry and drew two more names out of a hat. (Sorry, after choosing one winner, we just couldn't put ourselves through ranking #2, #3 and so on...too much great stuff!) So we're sending a copy of the new "A Knock at the Door" calendar to our out-of-the-hat winners:

Laurel Earthe & Alice den Hollander

However, we need to mention these fine folks as HIGH-FIVE-TIP-O-THE-HAT HONORABLE MENTIONS!!

Congratulations for great work goes to:

Bill Hodgson, Jared Gann, Mark Andree, Charlie Fraser, Peggy Jackson, Amy Cater, Katherine Bryant-Warwick, Alicia Schordine, Katie Lennon, Chandra Cerchione-Peltier, Shaun W Kerr, Laurel and Winter, R. Ward Shipman, Guilherme Borges, Ivy Darling, Susan Rodio, Sandra Chang-Adair, Dorothy Wallace, Inge Geertsma, Linda Van Pelt, Alice den Hollander, Linda Peltola, Sebastian, Claudia Flor, Valan Evers, Tracey M. Palmer, Sarah Harder, Pam West, Avril Silk, Avalana Levemark , Sheila M. Walker, Rachel Klees, Carol Carrier, Karen Witt, Louise Ingram, Karen Kroth, Kiara Miller, Amanda Gibson, BJ Talor-Longpre, Michelle Richardson, J.K. Rowe, Shona MacDonald, Ellen De Man, Marco Varrone, Benoit Aubry, Germain St-Onge, Dawn Hibbs, Emily Oldroyd, Sebastiaan Brakenhoff, Iulia Andrea, Deepthi Vijaykumar, T. Allison (Alli) and Lee Anne Kortus

Here are a few of the entries we received:









Winner of the STORY CONTEST:

Misty Stiff
Maynardville, TN

These stories were, well, let's just say we couldn't even draw the names from the hat for a while, we were so busy drying our eyes! But when we finally got ahold of ourselves,we drew three more names, and are going to send a copy of the 2009 "A Knock at the Door" calendar to:

Barbara Windmiller & Kara Trombley, & Laura Riddell

The Winner of the TRIVIA CONTEST:

LuAnn Squires

And once again, we're just so happy that YOU'RE so happy, we're dipping into the pot and spreading 'round the abundance. So THREE MORE NAMES were drawn from the trivia hat! Here are the other winners that will receive --you guessed it--a brand new 2009 "A Knock at the Door" calendar!:

Louise Ingram  &  Mary Baldwin & Terry McQuillan

If your name is on this list, send us an email at knock at duirwaigh dot com with your full mailing address (no PO BOXES PLEASE!) and we'll send you an email about your prizes!

Congratulations All! And thank you for participating!

And stay tuned! We have BIG NEWS! In October we will host the "Duirwaigh Moving Sale Redux" - with loads of paintings, prints, collectibles and rare items from Duirwaigh auctioning on ebay for as low as  $9.00! Including:

* THE Ever-First Edition of Knock at the Door DVD (many of you have written about this. It was the FIRST film to be published on the web with original art! Long since retired...

* One-of-a-Kind signed journals with drawings by Angi and Silas

* Original Thomas Canty drawing

* Original Alan Lee drawing

* Lots of items from Neverland, Wonderland and Oz!

And speaking of Wonderland...! Running concurrent with our GIGANTIMOUS EBAY MOVING SALE, will be an online art exhibition "A Walk Through Wonderland" featuring many original artworks by your favorite artists! Alice has never looked so good. Details to follow....!

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Message from the Muse

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Angi in Wonderland Blog

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Solstitialis Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2008  Student
I already said that on on your website, but I have to thank you again! I feel so honoured that you choose "Hidden" for the winner! :glomp: :glomp:
I love Duirwaigh, it's so inspiring over there! :D
LeeAnneKortus Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
:clap: This was such a wonderful challenge for a contest, and so inspiring!! Thank you so much for the opportunity! :heart:
WildWoodArtsCo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008   Traditional Artist
I just wanted to thank you again for running this contest. :heart:

I knew even before I dipped a brush in paint that I wouldn't be the winner but every new painting is a journey and a lesson. And I learned so much painting the pieces for this contest. It was a wonderful chance to be inspired by someone else's words and vision.

:) :heart:
Elfin-Grrl Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow, fantastic winners! I wanted to enter but just didn't get there in time, nevermind :)
Loking forward to all the wonderful Duirwaigh goodies coming up! :heart:
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July 16, 2008